NYSCOPBA Pet Insurance Program

Announcing Voluntary Pet Insurance through Payroll Deduction

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new voluntary insurance program for NYSCOPBA Members, Retirees and their Pets – the NYSCOPBA Pet Insurance Program.

This program offers NYSCOPBA Members a choice of two different pet insurance companies to choose from. Each company has agreed to offer discounts to NYSCOPBA Members and Retirees.

It’s easy to enroll and the cost for coverage can be conveniently deducted from your payroll or pension check. Free quotes are available from each company by phone or internet.

Please shop and compare as cost and coverage varies based on the type of pet, breed, age, zip code and plan selected.

The contact information for each company is as follows:

Nationwide/VPI: Active Members can log-on at www.petinsurance.com/nyscopba and Retiree Members can log-on at www.petinsurance.com/retireemembers. They can also be contacted by phone at 1-877-738-7874.

petfirst: Active and Retiree Members can log-on at www.petfirst.com/nyscopba. They can also be contacted by phone at 1-866-937-7387.

When calling either company be sure to identify yourself as a NYSCOPBA Member or Retiree Member to ensure you receive the discounts offered to NYSCOPBA Members.

CLICK HERE to LOGIN and access NYSCOPBA Pet Insurance Program